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Insurance Program

Group benefits under this plan were transferred to Manulife for those born on or after October 2, 1958. (Call Manulife to ensure your coverage was successfully transferred)

We are no longer accepting new applications under the BCIT Group Insurance Plan. If you were born on or before October 1, 1958 and are already insured under this plan, please refer to the Term Life Insurance product plan or contact customer service at 1 (800) 266-5667.

What makes your plan special?

  • Our purpose

    For our clients to be confident and secure about their future.

  • Portability

    While employer plans can terminate if you change jobs, this insurance stays with you regardless of your work status.

  • Dependability

    As a customer of iA Financial Group, you’ll enjoy the comfort and confidence that comes with our 125-year history as one of Canada’s most trusted insurance providers.

  • Our mission

    To ensure the financial wellbeing of our clients by offering them personal insurance coverage and investment solutions to help them achieve their personal goals.

  • Our values

    High Performance Environment
    Continuous Improvement
    Respect for Individuals and Distributors

  • Our ambition

    To be the company that best meets client expectations, in partnership with our distributors.

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