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Insurance Program


Exclusively for Individual Clients of Winch Group Inc.

You and your spouse qualify for up to $50,000 of Guaranteed Acceptance Critical Illness Insurance.

Apply Before November 5th!

What makes your plan special?

  • Group advantage

    The Winch Group Inc. Insurance Plan uses your group buying power to negotiate exceptional value, with features you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Portability

    While employer plans can terminate if you change jobs, this insurance stays with you regardless of your work status.

  • Dependability

    As a customer of iA Financial Group, you’ll enjoy the comfort and confidence that comes with our 125-year history as one of Canada’s most trusted insurance providers.

  • Spousal coverage

    Your spouse is also eligible to apply under your plan.

  • 60-day money back guarantee

    If you are not fully satisfied, you can cancel your coverage and return the Certificate within 60 days of the effective date. You'll receive a full refund of any premiums already paid.

  • And much more!

    iA Financial Group offers a wide range of insurance solutions, providing you and your family with security and peace of mind at every life stage.

What makes this offer special?

Protection for the people you care about and peace of mind for you.

Under standard application procedures, it can be difficult to qualify for insurance. Normally you are required to supply medical information as part of the application process.

  •  With this offer your acceptance is guaranteed regardless of your medical history
  •  You and your spouse qualify for up to $50,000 of Guaranteed Acceptance Critical Illness Insurance
  •  60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Apply Before November 5th!

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